Dash Cameras

We supply and fit Dash Cameras into customer's vehicles for various different reasons. The main one being to protect themselves when they have an accident that wasn't their fault using the recordings from the camera. 

Another reason we install them is for security, when can supply cameras which record when motion is detected while the vehicle is not in use in order for you to catch someone hitting your car or possibly trying to steal it. 

The final and probably least common reason is to monitor the occupants of the vehicle use in facing dash camera this suits uses such Taxi drivers. 

We are based in Newton Abbot, Devon we are happy to fit your own Dash Cam or supply and fit one for you.

Types of Dash Cameras Accesories 

Single Front Facing Camera 

 Your most basic type of dash cam perfect for catching front on accidents 

Front and Internal Rear Facing Cameras

These are the most common type of camera we fit it includes a main front camera with record with a separate rear camera usually  mounted in the tail gate for rear protection this gives you a good front and rear protection.​

Front and External Rear Facing Cameras 

These are the same as above but have a external rear camera perfect for vehicle such as vans with no rear window or HGVs.

Cameras with Occupant Facing Camera

These are an affordable option for front and rear protection, they are a single unit mounted in the front window with a front viewing and rear viewing camera. They offer a good forward protect and also inside the vehicle but not the best view of the behind the vehicle. These suit taxis drivers ect very well for monitoring customers.

Tamper Proof Cameras 

Tamper proof cameras offer protection for employers looking to keep record of their fleet they are normal dash camera but the data cannot be accessed or edited without the key.

LTE Add On 

For someone who like gadgets the LTE Add On once a sim card is added will allow you to view your dash cam live anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Battery Packs

Battery pack adds allow for your cameras record longer in parking mode, the average dash cam will record for around 12 - 15 hours when parked up, with a big enough battery pack this can be extended up to a week, perfect if you leave your car parked up for longer period of time.

So if you live in Newton Abbot, Torquay, Totnes, Teignmouth, Chudleigh, Bovey Tracey, Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Dartmouth, Kingsteignton, or anywhere in the Devon area and are looking for a dash cam to be fitted give us a call on 01626 363311 or send us a message. 


Have your own dash camera fitted from £45 plus VAT

We don't mind if you supply your own dash cam for us to fit we do recommend the Black Vue Dash Cameras if you see them on offer.

Front Dash Cam Only: from £45

Front and Rear: from £80


Supply and fit front dash cam from £145 plus VAT

For a compact and discrete dash cam the Pioneer VREC-DH200 is perfect with its small size and easy to use mobile connectivity.


Supply and fit front and rear dash cam from £285

For front and rear protection from who we deem to be the best dash camera manufacture BlackVue.